Texas Carry Class

State of Texas

Online Texas License To Carry Class

Our online Texas carry class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can get certified for your Texas LTC online from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

The State of Texas has made it easy to get your Texas license to carry by putting the course online. There is no longer a need to sit in a crowded classroom on a Saturday. You can take the course online.

This online course is basic and easy for everyone to understand. It's so easy we have a pass guarantee. We make it easy to get your Texas license to carry. Get certified today.

This online course teaches the state mandated material required by the Texas Department of Public Safety to recieve your license to carry. As soon as you complete this course you will be able to download your certifictae of training (LTC 101) instantly. This is the certificate DPS requires to issue your LTC.

The course will cover the application process step by step. Everything is done online now including your application and uploading your certificate of training to DPS. You no longer have to mail anything. We make the entire process easy and we guide you every step of the way.

Why Get A Texas LTC

  • Carry in more places

  • Campus carry

  • School zone carry

  • Carry in 37 states

  • Interations with law enforcement while carrying

  • Trespass protection

  • Peace of mind

  • Learn the carry laws

  • Carry past "no gun" signs

  • Fewer restrictions

  • Bypass background checks when buying guns

  • Legal protection

Who Can Take This Course

Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take this course. This is the Texas Department of Public Safety online Texas carry class required to get your Texas license to carry. We get thousands of online students a month from across the entire state.

Only $59